A full-service TikTok Shop Partner Agency dedicated to delivering profitable + scalable growth for SMBs on TikTok Shop.

After delivering over £2million worth of sales through TikTok Shop for my own brand, SoSweet, I am now packaging up all of my knowledge and experience of scaling a brand on the platform to help other SMBs drive profitable + scalable growth through my agency, CreatorMade.

I have made all of the mistakes and faced all of the challenges that come with exponential growth, putting me in the unique position to offer an end-to-end service. Our team will help you get set up your TikTok Shop so that it fully integrates with your current tech stack, mitigating against any operational issues.

CreatorMade is a fully accredited TikTok Shop Partner Agency which allows us exclusive access to the team at TikTok to deliver the very best service.
George Robinson, Director, CreatorMade Ltd

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